Why do we love AFD?

Why do we love AFD? At the annual opening meeting last night, we got to see three new songs from a new play by Daniel Rabone (!) performed by great actors/singers/pianists.
And the Desilets let us know that 26 years ago at this meeting, they’d announced their engagement; and their 25th anniversary is today.
And when we picked one winner of the raffle from Town Day, Wilda Ward convinced us on the spot to pick more more more, and we did!
AND, we made $115 selling old costumes at Town Day.
And… just join us. It’s fun and the people are the best.

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Thursday September 11, lots of Friends came to the theater for a wonderful puppet workshop. “Avenue Q” features a cast of furry friends, and the persons are busy learning how best to make them come to life.

Thanks to everyone who helped pull this together!! especially Nancy Rogier.


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Fun at Arlington Town Day

We enjoyed our usual spot near Town Hall this year, aided by lots of wonderful volunteers. We spread the word about our fabulous upcoming season, and set up shop with old costumes and hats.

Thanks to everyone who helped out — especially Susan Harrington, who coordinated the whole shebang, and Evelyn Corsini Alcorn, who stuck it out for many hours.

Join us! (We’re fun.)

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Puppets come to life! THURSDAY, 9/11, 7pm, Theatre

Don’t miss the chance to see how this whole thing works. Join us for the fun.

q rehearsal

Next weekend, join us for big events!

Membership Business Meeting Sunday, September 14, 7pm
The meeting will feature great entertainment just for you.
Dance of the Muse, by Daniel J. Rabone, is an original musical that focuses on the relationship between a mother and her gay son. It asks “are you dancing with your muse?” and explores the impact of those who are and those who are not.

Piano: Karin Denison
“Who is the Rain For” – Christopher, performed by Daniel J. Rabone
“It’s Your Attitude” – Ben, performed by Robert Orzalli
“Pearls of Wisdom” – Joan, performed by Linda Goetz

Although much of the piece remains in need of a composer, we hope you enjoy these selections. And finally, if anyone knows a good composer…please have them contact Daniel!

Arlington Town Day, Saturday, September 13, 10am-3pm
Please let us know if you can volunteer an hour or two at the AFD booth — a great way to spread the word and see old friends.
Contact Susan Harrington:  Slh1029@aol.com
Watch our Puppet Coach in Action! Thursday, September 11, 7pm
Come down to the theater and watch the “Avenue Q” puppet coach at work! She’ll be working with the actors and their puppets for the first time in a workshop setting. 
House Bee, Saturday September 27; 9am-12pm 
Join us to help polish the place for the new season. Free lunch!!
Duties range from dusting and sweeping to washing countertops, mirrors, floors and everything in between. 
Even an hour of your time is a huge help  Please email Teri Muller if you can join: terimuller@rcn.com

Avenue Q rehearsals in full swing!!

q rehearsal

ave q lady

“Avenue Q” is on its way to furry greatness!

Share your story about your defining moment

“Avenue Q” is a raucous and clever musical full of puppets and fun. But it also takes a close look at a time of life when most of us are trying to find our way and define who we are and what we want. 

It’s made us all think about moments when we faced ourselves and had some insight into what mattered most. 

We invite you to tell about a time you were finding your purpose in life. Where were you and what happened?

Join us on facebook and tell us about it! Or just comment here, below. Thanks!

Watch the puppets come to life! Puppet coach invites you.

AFD Members! You know who you are. And you are welcome to come down to the theater on Thursday Sept 11 at 7PM and watch the Avenue Q puppet coach at work! She will be working with the Ave Q actors and their puppets for the first time in a workshop setting. Anyone who wants to observe is welcome to attend. (Not a member? see our website to join!)

Sept 11 at 7PM and watch the Avenue Q puppet coach at work!

And here are some photos of the delightful preparations going on!

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