Auditions for “Clybourne Park,” October 1 & 3

Clybourne Park by Bruce Norris

Directed by: Celia Couture

Audition Dates: Thursday, October 1, 7:00-10:00pm

Saturday, October 3, 3:00-6:30pm  |  Call Back (if necessary) 7:00-10:00pm

Auditions: Auditions will consist of a one minute monologue and cold readings from the script.

Please bring a resume of your acting experience and a current headshot. If you don’t have a headshot then we will take a photo for our audition records.

Auditions will take place at 22 Academy Street, Arlington, MA. Call backs will be held on October 3 beginning at 6:30 PM. The director strongly advises that you READ the script prior to auditioning.

Please complete the audition form and bring it with you to auditions.

Word Doc: Audition Form Clybourne Park (4) READY FOR REVIEW (1)

PDF: Audition Form Clybourne Park (4) READY FOR REVIEW (1)

If you have any questions about the play or the audition process, please feel free to contact the director at: or by cell at: 978-973-9490.  

Performance Dates: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays January 8-17.

Friday and Saturday performances are at 8:00 and Sunday performances are at 4:00.

Rehearsals will begin once the show is cast and conflicts are addressed. Rehearsals scheduled prior to the availability of the AFD space will take place at the home of the director in Tewksbury, MA until the space becomes available (as soon as the previous show closes). Table meetings will occur shortly after auditions.

Rehearsals at AFD: Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays (Cast conflicts between November and January will impact casting decisions due to the limited rehearsal time).

Cast members are expected to assist with set build when appropriate.


Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the 2012 Tony Award for Best Play, Bruce Norris’ satiric comedy deals with race and class in response to Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun. The play begins in 1959 as a black family moves into a white neighborhood in Chicago, and in Act Two takes us to the same house in 2009 as gentrification sets in the roles are reversed. Jokes fly and hidden agendas unfold as two generations tiptoe through social politics, pitting race, sexism, and a number of other issues against real estate.

Character Descriptions

Actor 1: Russ/Dan (Caucasian male, (40-49)

(Lead) Russ is working-class, unable to get over the loss of his son and is moving out of the house in which his son committed suicide, reserved, has a hard time communicating, very protective of his son’s memory; Dan is the workman beginning the renovations for the home’s new owners, simple, aloof, doesn’t pick up on social cues.

Actor 2: Bev/Kathy (Caucasian female, (40-49)

(Lead) Bev is married to Russ, overly cheerful, slightly nervous woman who wants to help her husband overcome his grief for the loss of their son; Kathy is the lawyer helping Steve and Lindsey negotiate a petition brought against them by the homeowners’ association concerning planned renovations of their home, has good intentions but is a little clumsy and is a bit of a talker.

Actor 3: Francine/Lena (African American Woman, (30-39)

(Lead) Francine is Russ and Bev’s housekeeper who is pulled into a debate concerning the neighborhood, proud, hardworking, and uninterested in other people’s business; Lena is determined to keep her neighborhood a historical district and prevent the new homeowners’ planned renovations, strong-willed, confident and sharp.

Actor 4: Jim/Tom (Caucasian, (20-29)

(Lead) Jim is the local pastor, sharp, persistent, compelled to help others perhaps to a fault; Tom is a member of the homeowners’ association, helping Lena and Kevin argue to preserve the historical look of the community, smart, articulate, very involved.

Actor 5: Albert/Kevin (African American, 30-39 )

(Lead) Albert is married to Francine, polite, gentle, and interested in staying out of other people’s business; Kevin is married to Lena, defends his wife’s desire to preserve the neighborhood, friendly, good sense of humor, and avoids confrontation.

Actor 6: Karl/Steve (Caucasian, (35-39)

(Lead) Karl is determined to preserve his neighborhood and property value by trying to stop the sale of the home to a black family; Steve is the new homeowner who wants to renovate his new house to a larger scale than the historical single-family-home model, married to Lindsey, big talker, slightly insecure, a bit crass.

Actor 7: Betsy/Lindsey (Caucasian, (25-29)

(Lead) Betsy is Karl’s pregnant, deaf wife, (note actress will be expected to sign during the performance and will be working with someone to perfect needs and dialogue). She is sweet, good natured, a bit naïve; Lindsey is Steve’s pregnant wife, fighting to understand why the community is against her renovations, attractive, sense of entitlement, a bit high-strung.

Winners!! 2014-2015 EMACT Awards

Congratulations to EVERYONE who participated in mounting our four wonderful productions last season. Special congrats to those who were nominated for DASH Awards by EMACT.

And SPECIAL SPECIAL congrats to the people who were announced as winners on Saturday night, August 29. Quite an honor against great competition.

  • Best Sound Design, Musical: Bob Pascucci Avenue Q (Arlington Friends of the Drama)
  • Best Makeup and Hair Design, Musical: Marc Capizzi & Barbara Tyler Nine (Arlington Friends of the Drama)
  • Best Lead Actress, Musical: Ruthie Fontanella Avenue Q (Arlington Friends of the Drama)
    ave q 3


    Nine.Guido and Luisa

    Hair and makeup!

We need your help this fall!

Friends of Friends help Friends! We hope you can join us in September as we reach out and clean up.
Town Day: Saturday, September 12, 9am-2pm.
We need help setting up our booth, chatting with townsfolk, and then cleaning up. If you can pitch in for an hour or two, please get in touch with Susan Harrington:
House Bee: Saturday, September 19, 9am-noon.
Each season we spruce up the theater before the productions begin. If you can chip in an hour or two to dust and polish, you’ll get lunch and our eternal thanks. Contact Teri Muller:
And finally, the opening meeting is Sunday, September 20, 7:30-9:30pm
If you want to help with that, please get in touch with Judy
See you soon!!
What a great season!
Music, Book and Lyrics by Marvin Hamlisch, Ed Kleban, James Kirkwood
October 23, 24, 25, 30, 31, November 1, 6, 7, 8, 2015
Clybourne Park   | by Bruce Norris
January 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 2016
Boy from Oz   |   Music and Lyrics by Peter Allen, Book by Nick Enright
April 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 2016
Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike  |  by Christopher Durang
June 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 2016

AFD honored with several DASH nominations: Congratulations!

All our productions 2014-2015 were wonderful, of course! But Avenue Q raked in the nominations. 

  • Avenue Q (Arlington Friends of the Drama), Best Production, Musical
  • The cast Avenue Q (Arlington Friends of the Drama), Best Ensemble, Musical
  • Kevin Mark Kline Avenue Q (Arlington Friends of the Drama), Best Direction, Musical
  • Ruthie Fontanella Avenue Q (Arlington Friends of the Drama), Best Lead Actress, Musical
  • Justin McCoubry Avenue Q (Arlington Friends of the Drama), Best Lead Actor, Musical
  • Scott Giangrande Avenue Q (Arlington Friends of the Drama), Best Supporting Actor in Musical
  • Bob Pascucci Avenue Q (Arlington Friends of the Drama), Sound Design in Musical
  • Marc Capizzi & Barbara Tyler Nine (Arlington Friends of the Drama), Make-up and Hair Design, Musical

The wonder of “Nine”!

And the Denis Fitzpatrick Scholarship goes to…

Jack Libresco!


Jack was the Artful Dodger in AFD’s production of “Oliver!” Also starring in the play was Dan Rabone, a longtime supporter of AFD, and a talented singer, actor, writer. We were all so saddened to learn of Dan’s recent passing. He was a light in our lives.

A lot of you may know Jack from his work at AFD, including his role as the Artful Dodger in “Oliver!” He was nominated for a DASH Award for best youth in a musical.

The scholarship committee–Evelyn Corsini Alcorn, Cynthia Marsden, Wilda Ward, and Joe Stallone–was delighted when Jack applied for the scholarship. Evelyn says “He’s a very talented young man, and we expect great things of him!”

Jack graduated from Arlington High School and is attending Macalester College in St Paul, MN in the fall, with a major in Classics and Economics and a minor in music and theater.

The scholarship is named for Denis Fitzpatrick, who was passionate about all aspects of the theater, and in addition to contributing his acting and directing talents, could often be found at AFD in paint-splattered clothes, fixing scenery, dutchmaning flats, and lending his eye for design in arranging sets.

AFD raises money for the scholarship every year from a variety of sources, including donations from Friends, money from the soda machine (!), and, this year, a collection at productions of “Avenue Q.” We’re grateful to everyone who supports the arts, especially the new generation of talent!

A Chorus Line / Auditions

A Chorus Line AFD Audition Form in Word DOC format  

 A Chorus Line AFD Audition Form in Adobe PDF format

Auditions for A Chorus Line! August 13, 15, 16, 2015

Arlington Friends of the Drama invites you to audition for the opening show of their 2015-16 season, the musical, A Chorus Line. The production is directed by Nicholas Meunier with musical direction by David Lien and choreography by Todd Rinehart.

A Broadway original when it opened in 1975 and a Broadway legend when it finally closed its fifteen year run, AFD will celebrate the show’s 40th Anniversary with a production that honors the origins of this musical-verite in the grimy streets of 1970’s New York City. A work of “struggle and possibility,” A Chorus Line hits to the heart of anyone who has had to defend their identity in a world of anonymity.


 Auditions will be held Thursday, August 13, 2015 from 7 – 10 p.m. and Saturday, August 15, 2015 from 1 – 5 p.m. with callbacks on Sunday, August 16 from 1 – 5 p.m. All sessions will be held at the AFD Theater, 22 Academy St. in Arlington.

 Those interested in auditioning should contact Director, Nicholas Meunier at with any questions and to schedule your initial auditions for one of the following slots:

  1. August 13, 7 – 9 p.m.
  2. August 13, 8 – 10 p.m.
  3. August 15, 1 – 3:30 p.m.
  4. August 15, 2:30 – 5 p.m.

Initial Audition Requirements

 A Chorus Line takes place during one dance audition for an unnamed Broadway production. It is a piece about professional dancers struggling to continue their livelihoods in a demanding profession. Accordingly, while there is no prerequisite level of experience, the casting team will be looking for those that are equally strong dancers, singers, and actors. For those with less dance training or experience, an ability to learn and retain choreography will be important.

Initial auditions will be held in two-hour blocks. During that time, you will learn a dance combination (all auditioning will learn the combination together) and be given the opportunity to sing 32 bars of a song that best showcases your voice. Come dressed to dance and please bring sheet music for your song for the accompanist.

Please come to your initial audition with your resume and headshot (if you have them) and the completed audition form, which can be downloaded from the following link:

Callback Auditions – Those asked to return for callbacks will re-perform the dance combination from the initial audition and learn a song(s) or monologue(s) from the show.

Rehearsals – Generally, Sunday, Monday, and Thursday evenings from August 23 – October 15 (some Sunday afternoons and Friday evenings as well). Tech week from October 18 – 22.

Production Dates

Fri., October 23 @ 8 p.m.                   Sun., November 1 @ 4 p.m.

Sat., October 24 @ 8 p.m.                  Fri., November 6 @ 8 p.m.

Sun., October 25 @ 4 p.m.                 Sat., November 7 @ 8 p.m.

Fri., October 30 @ 8 p.m.                   Sun., November 8 @ 4 p.m.

Sat., October 31 @ 2p.m.

Character Descriptions

Zach                M (30-50) Tough but reasonable and understanding director of the show. Looking for strong acting skills. The actor playing Zach does not have to be a singer.  While, in the original script, Zach teaches the dance combinations, we are willing to consider the right actor with less extensive dance experience.

Larry               M (20-40) Zach’s assistant and dance captain. Must be a very strong dancer but not necessarily a singer. Will consider casting the role as a woman.

The Chorus Line[1]

Don                 M (26) Baritone. Good looking and masculine. From Kansas. Wife and 2 kids

Maggie            F (25) Mezzo. Innocent and quiet but there is passion underneath that comes out at several points in the play. Will be looking for strong vocal ability

Mike                M (24) Tenor. A true show off. Actor must have excellent dance skills for his solo in “I Can Do That.” Tap skills a plus.

Connie            F (32) Alto. Tough New Yorker, 4’10” so she is constantly playing younger roles. Preference for Asian American, but will consider alternative casting

Greg                M (32) Baritone. Well groomed and preppy, Jewish New Yorker. Comfortable in his sexuality now, but only discovered it in his teenage years

Sheila              F (29) Alto. Brash and confident, hiding deep insecurities about her age and fading abilities. Experienced chorus dancer hoping to get by on her past efforts

Bobby             M (25) Baritone. Experienced and confident, always performing for others/has been drawn to it his whole life. Known he was gay since childhood.

Bebe                F (26) Alto. Born in Boston, sensitive and defensive about her looks. Looking for strong vocal talent in the role

Judy                F (28) Mezzo. Good dancer but somewhat spacey (she can’t remember her audition number). Danced to make her father happy.

Richie              M (27) Tenor. Athletic dancer and strong singer. Originally from the South. Preference for an African-American male but will consider alternative casting

Al                     M (30) Baritone. NYC Italian. Has worked but is approaching the tail end of his career. Married to Kristine

Kristine           F (22) Sheepish and inexperienced, very self-conscious about her voice. Strong dancer. Married to Al

Val                   F (25) Alto. The hottest thing in her small hometown in Vermont, she moved to NYC to be a Rockette, but faced stiff competition. Now very confident that she is getting regular work

Mark               M (20) Tenor. Confident but young. Comes across as a regular kid, perhaps a younger Don. Strong dancer.

Paul                 M (28) Baritone. Very rough NYC upbringing and early life. Tortured by his inability to define his identity. Looking for a very strong actor.

Diana              F (29) Alto. Bronx native, confident but in a defensive way like many of the characters. Good at covering insecurity but Zach’s process breaks down her walls.   Looking for a strong singer/dancer/actor.

Cassie              F (30ish) Soprano. Very strong dancer/singer with star skills, but has never gotten a break. A great chorus girl who will never be a star. Previous intimate  relationship with Zach. Actor must be very strong dancer and singer.

Ensemble Characters

We will also be looking to cast ~ 7 additional dancers (~ 4M, 3F) who appear in the opening number of the show, and may also be used in the Finale. Some of these characters (e.g. Vicki, Roy) have featured lines during the opening number.

[1] Character ages listed are those explicitly given in the show, but we will consider all actors who can “play” that age

A great closing meeting for a wonderful season


Ah, we do love when folks are Members and Friends for many years! here’s the crew that’s been around for 25 years!! top, l to r: Evelyn Corsini-Alcorn, Lois Finstein, Art Finstein, Teri Muller bottom, l to r: Sally Rogers, George Rogers

The newly unveiled posters for next season!

The newly unveiled posters for next season!


President-in-Leaving Iain Bason enjoys a chat with Development Chair-in-Leaving Catherine Christie


If you don’t know who this is, you need to come to more meetings… it’s Jim Grana, who introduced the personnel for next season’s plays, and told us all about Peter Allen.


The lovely Rachel Roccoberton, who will be choreographing “Boy from Oz.”


Mario Cruz will be music directing one of the plays, and Ginger Webb will be helping.


Iain Bason served as president for two years, but his family wants him back. He was always on time, so not sure why we gave him a clock. But it was very handsome and a fine memento.


Nicole Libresco accepted the Denis Fitzpatrick scholarship award for her son, Jack, who was appropriately in a performance elsewhere. Mr. Byrne from the drama department at Arlington High School joined the fun.


Judy Weinberg accepts the 2015 Myl Trempf Award from Ginger Webb, and gives Evelyn Corsini-Alcorn a big hug.


Yay, Judy!


Evelyn Corsini Alcorn, producer, and John Fogle, director, for “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike”

Marlene Mandel, production manager for "Clybourne Park"

Marlene Mandel, production manager for “Clybourne Park”


Nicholas Meunier, director, and Todd Reinhart, choreographer for “A Chorus Line”


Steven Atwater, (co-)production manager for “A Chorus Line”


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