Arlington Friends of the Drama

Another fascinating set from our great designer and set crew

Something is afoot in the Birling household! And the crafty set only underlines and highlights the suspense and mystery.

Join us for “An Inspector Calls,” opening November 11, and find out what the heck is going on…

Friends, “Inspector” is gonna be quite fine indeed

Oh, man. We are so excited about this one!

Did you know Iain Bason now spans generations in this play? He played the son in 1997 in Concord, and now he’s getting ready to play the dad. That’s pretty cool, and very community theater.

Please join us, starting November 11. Ciao!

Saturday, celebrate the life of Daniel Rabone

Daniel was a dear Friend, talented performer, and dedicated mentor and partner.

Join us to celebrate his wonderful life, with some of his favorite co-stars, in a great evening of song.

The Daniel J. Rabone Memorial Fund has been established to provide one or more scholarships to students enrolled in the Boston University Summer Theatre Institute (BUSTI); specifically to students who live in and around the Greater Boston area.

All performers have shared the stage with Daniel and will be singing selections that were near and dear to his heart. All ticket proceeds go directly to the Memorial Fund.


  • Jennifer Bubriski
  • Jackie Coco
  • Kathleen Dalton
  • Amy DeMarco
  • Jocelyn Hesse
  • Ellen Kazin
  • Jordan Kazin
  • Anne Kirstead
  • Ann McCoy
  • Katie Pickett
  • Erica Spyres
  • Matt Torrance
  • David Warnock

See you there!



Drumroll! Greeting our cast of “Sunset Boulevard”

The director, Kevin Mark Kline, is thrilled to announce the cast of “Sunset Boulevard,” which opens March 3, 2017. Auditions were wonderful — many thanks to all the talented performers who showed up. We love our community so much!
Musical Director Steven Bergman
Norma Desmond: Janet Ferreri
Joe Gillis: Trey Lundquist
Max Von Mayerling: Jim Ansart
Betty Schaefer: Heather Hannon Rufo
Artie Green: Patrick Harris
Cecil B. DeMille: Charlie Carr
Sheldrake/Ensemble: Ira Kantor
Manfred/Ensemble: Paul Dingman
Morino/Ensemble: Nick Stevens
Wunderkind/Ensemble: Robert McCall
Mary, Secretary, Heather, Beautician 1: Lisa Tierney
Harem Girl 3, Lisa, Analyst, Journalist: Krystal Scott
Harem Girl 1, Katherine, Sandy (Circus), Jean (This Time Next Year), Masseur (1 &2): Dilara Eynula
Samantha (Sammy), Anita, Danielle (Circus), Larissa (This Time Next Year), Doctor: Emily Jane Morris
Joanna, Jane (Circus), Astrologer: Nabila Hossain
Harem Girl 2, Dawn, Waitress, Beautician 2: Alexis Kirkpatrick
Photographer, Cliff, Salesman, Guard: Robert McCall
Reporter, Finance Man 1, Undertaker, Barman, Salesman, Sammy (This Time Next Year): Adam Kaplowitz
Reporter, Adam, Glenn (Circus), Salesman, Actor #4 (This Time Next Year), Jones: Nick Stevens
Policeman, Myron, John, Hog Eye: Paul Dingman
Photographer, Salesman: Ira Kantor

Getting excited about “An Inspector Calls” as rehearsals kick into gear

We have a great package for this one: wonderful director, talented cast, super designers for set, costumes, lighting, and more! Don’t miss it.

Join us for the first Friends meeting of the season!

AFD 2016-2017 Opening Meeting
Sunday, October 2, 7 PM
AFD members, make a date to attend the AFD Theatre Opening Meeting, October 2, 7 PM, at the theatre.
Get all the details about the season! The entertainment portion of the evening will be an inside look at how AFD members and videographers Gareth Williams and Cynthia Marsden Williams create videos for AFD.
Learn how you can JOIN THE FUN!

The cliche is true: Audiences are raving about our “Bee”!

We really want you to see our “Bee” — it’s a wonderful and warm play, and we’re pretty thrilled with our cast and production. Only three more performances, so make sure to catch it. Audiences are laughing, cheering, and leaving with giant smiles.

Get your tickets while you can!

David Whitford, a guest celebrity speller and good sport, says, “Terrific cast and performance!”

Judy Weinberg reports that a a writer friend at Sunday’s performance had this to say:

The show was wonderful. Just wonderful. Can’t say enough about it. I don’t mean just the music, or the acting, or the script, or the sets, I mean the Whole Show. Good grief.

Plus and also and besides, I’ve never seen that kind of unpredictable show — the back-and-forth of it, the constant twists of credibility and irony, within songs, within scenes, within characters. It kept us riveted. I loved the kaleidoscopic humor, ranging from groaner puns to political digs to sheer silliness…. You gave us over-the-top flair, a la Oscar Wilde, alternating with deadpan lines, a la Monty Python, but on wholly American terms.

Anyway, THREE CHEERS for you, and for all your work on this production. So glad to know it’s got another weekend to run, so I can recommend it to folks.