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“The 39 Steps” is going to kill…

Have had the privilege to catch some rehearsals for “The 39 Steps” — a table read and a walk through — and that cast is killing it. So to speak. That’s a joke. Btw.

Seriously, though, one of the best things about the theater thing is when the actors take that step from being, like, regular people in t shirts and sneakers and normal hair and faces, and start reading — and they BECOME the characters. They mutate: accent, posture, attitude.

So there we are in the “living room,” or whatever you call a space with old sofas and a dirt cheap soda machine in a basement, and these four folks go from weary after workers to: clowns! a debonair Brit on the run! a vamp!

And they do it well. Very well. What reads as an odd sort of funny farcical version of a Hitchcock play suddenly comes to life. Very funny, very cutting, very fast life.

Rehearsal for "The 39 Steps"

Rehearsal for “The 39 Steps” on Monday, December 3 in Arlington, MA. Delightful to watch the sets take shape while the actors learn how to manipulate and use them. Very talented, very funny cast taking on their characters. Great stuff!



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