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Avenue Q rehearsals in full swing!!

q rehearsal

ave q lady

“Avenue Q” is on its way to furry greatness!

Share your story about your defining moment

“Avenue Q” is a raucous and clever musical full of puppets and fun. But it also takes a close look at a time of life when most of us are trying to find our way and define who we are and what we want. 

It’s made us all think about moments when we faced ourselves and had some insight into what mattered most. 

We invite you to tell about a time you were finding your purpose in life. Where were you and what happened?

Join us on facebook and tell us about it! Or just comment here, below. Thanks!

Watch the puppets come to life! Puppet coach invites you.

AFD Members! You know who you are. And you are welcome to come down to the theater on Thursday Sept 11 at 7PM and watch the Avenue Q puppet coach at work! She will be working with the Ave Q actors and their puppets for the first time in a workshop setting. Anyone who wants to observe is welcome to attend. (Not a member? see our website to join!)

Sept 11 at 7PM and watch the Avenue Q puppet coach at work!

And here are some photos of the delightful preparations going on!

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