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From the President’s corner…

AFD’s President, Iain Bason, is both a talented actor (last seen in “The Mai” and soon to be seen in “Good People”), and a tireless administrator for the theater. 

He writes a column for our newsletter, The Prologue (see the latest issue); here it is, since it’s informative and fun.

A few nights ago, we had our first board of directors meeting for the season. We hadn’t met in July or August, and the agenda was a little long. Nonetheless, everyone was happy to be there. We tackled our business efficiently, and had some good laughs along the way. I hate to leave my family to go to the meetings, but then at the end of the evening I’m sad to leave my AFD family.

We on the board are all excited about our upcoming season. Most of us will be working directly with several of the productions. Some will be working with all of them. And some will be working behind the scenes, just keeping the bills paid, and the building habitable. So although we’re excited, we also know we have our work cut out for us. This place keeps us busy!

So busy, in fact, that it’s difficult to take on another commitment. I have learned to say “no” to requests sometimes. Just the other day I turned down an opportunity. But it seems as though I’m far more likely to say “yes,” if I can possibly fit it into my schedule. (Having a schedule conflict for a performance kind of precludes auditioning for a show.)

Why do I do that, even when I don’t have time? Partly, it’s because I know that it will be a rewarding experience. I can’t say that I’ve never regretted taking on a new theatre job. Sometimes I wind up stretched too thin, and that isn’t fun. But even when the stress of trying to fit everything in makes me regret it, I have always enjoyed the actual work I’m doing, whether it’s onstage or behind the scenes, and I have usually learned something in the process.

Another reason for saying “yes” is that I have been on the other side. I know how hard it can be to find someone to take on a task that needs doing. You run through the list of people that you know; then you get recommendations for people that they know. Eventually you reach the end of the circle of acquaintances.

It could very well be that there are AFD members who would be interested in, for example, stage managing a production. But the production manager doesn’t know those members. They are outside of the circle of acquaintances, and perhaps feeling left out.

I hope that any members who do wish to be more involved will not feel shy. Email, or call me. Just show up on a set construction night (Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, Saturday mornings), or for the House Bee.

We also have a new membership database that will make it easier for production managers to find out about the interests that members have listed on their membership forms. So expect to be getting more calls this season!

And when you do get a call, just say “yes.”

Iain Bason, President

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