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Love for Avenue Q!! Reviews are GLOWING

  • “All I can say is WOW! Saw this wonderful production (AVE Q) last night and was charmed, titillated, moved and thoroughly entertained. DIRECTORS, Production Team and terrific Cast (both humans and puppets) piled on their skills and talents, which were prodigious, to say the least. A great night at the theatre and one that should not be MISSED! Just terrific! Heartiest congratulations to ALL for a great accomplishment!”
  • “This charming, hilarious and sometimes touching production…Laughed until I almost (you know what)… Stellar direction, technical excellence, awesome directing talents and gifted cast who brought these puppets (err..characters) to life in such amusing, touching and thoughtful ways. EXCEPTIONALLY WELL DONE.”
  • “A stellar cast and highly entertaining show…”
  • ” while I had expected to see a great show I was taken to a level above that…I laughed so hard… the set was perfect, the puppets, actors, songs, story lines….all just great. Singing voices are incredible and I left feeling very satisfied having spent a wonderful evening of entertainment.”

    puppet” I was blown away. It was such a great show. A flawless production and performed beautifully in all regards.”

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