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You wanna buy a rabbit?

AFD Theatre Teamed Up with Brightview Senior Living on Good People Props



We needed rabbits. Rabbits made out of flower pots, with googly eyes. These rabbits play a pivotal, not to mention extremely funny, role in “Good People.” And they have to be just right. And… a little ugly.

Arlington Friends of the Drama has produced musical and plays with a wide range of props—everything from empty cat food tins for Grey Gardens to an overdone roast in The Odd Couple. Whatever the challenge, AFD’s prop masters and mistresses have constructed, crafted, or located exactly the right piece, however odd or unusual. For AFD Theatre’s production of “Good People,” opening January 9, the challenge was to create a collection of bunny sculptures made from clay flowerpots, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes.

The production team for Good People turned to a unique source of help for making the hand-crafted bunnies. A team of residents at Brightview Senior Living in Arlington pitched in and created the bunny-sculpture props, resulting in a one-of-a-kind set that appears exclusively in this production.


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