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And…. strike!

After many weeks of sawing and hammering and drilling and testing and slamming doors and moving pieces… the set for “Good People” was done. And beautiful. When the curtain revealed the set in Act 2, the audience was delighted.

For six great performances, it was a stunner.

And then: we broke it. Into little pieces. And threw some of it away, and recycled some of it. But it’s gone…

Thanks to Charlie Carr who designed the set and logged many many hours on it, along with the many other folks who showed up over the last several weeks to help. As always, it was a community effort. And we sure do love our Friends.

If you want to help build the next fantastic set, please get in touch! We can always use helping hands. Email

jan afd 022 jan afd 021 jan afd 011 jan afd 008 jan afd 007 jan afd 006 jan afd 004

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