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Opening night is coming soon! Friday June 12 at 8pm

P1180925Followed by champagne reception. Pretty fun!

Tickets here:

Great actors, great play.

Getting excited for next season? Yes, we are.


The great Friend Jim Grana is eager to let you know about “Oz” — coming up in 2015-2016 season! Join today…

This may be close to a year away, but I can’t let another moment go by without telling you my friends, how completely psyched I am. With auditions next December 2015 (no snow please God) and production dates in April 2016, I will be directing “The Boy From Oz”. It is based on the life of Peter Allen.

Not only does it require a quadruple threat performer in the lead role (singer/dancer/actor and if at all possible ‘piano player’) It has Judy Garland, Liza Minnelli, Peter’s Mom and Dad, Peter as a young boy, the Allen Brothers, a glorious company of Rockettes and singers/dancers at Peter and Liza concerts.

This is an award winning musical where Hugh Jackman went home with a Tony in 2004. All of the music and most lyrics were written by Peter.

Shows of this nature are referred to as juke box musicals. I hate that term. This refers to music/lyrics written before an actual script was conceived. It takes herculean knowledge, ingenuity and love of the material to incorporate Peter’s music that beautifully tells his story. The music appears seamlessly connected to the dialogue. That’s the way it should be in every musical —- the songs should always be a continuation and advancement of the story. Look at “Jersey Boys”, “Mamma Mia” and “Beautiful”, just three examples of music built around a story which continues to enhance audiences today.

“The Boy From Oz” in two and one half hours, covers Peter as a young boy, a loving mother, an abusive father, his first performance in a pub in Australia, his entrance into the entertainment world, his meeting with Judy, his marriage to Liza, his sold out concert at Radio City Music Hall, where he was the only performer to ever appear with the Rockettes, Judy’s death, divorce from Liza, the men in his life, and AIDS. We will see it all!

My goal here is to rock the house with characters, heart, songs, laughter, a few tears presented by a company of people and things to care about. If you can capture in a small way the feeling I have for this show AND if it in any way inspires you to become involved, please let me know. In the weeks and months ahead, I will be giving you updates on “Oz”, the story and a bit of Peter Allen history. “Love don’t need a reason, Love is never a crime, And love is all we have for now What we don’t have is time” PETER ALLEN Thanks for listening, Jim.

If you had a hammer… wait, we’ll give you a hammer. And nails! Help build the set for “Quartet” in the next few weeks

Quartet-programQuartet is into rehearsals now! This is always an exciting moment in the arc of mounting a show.

Feel free to drop by to help build the set anytime soon in the next three weeks:

  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 6-9pm
  • Saturdays, 9am-noon

Hope to see you soon!

Join now before it’s too late!!!

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Faces of Friends at Business Meeting, May 3, 2015

It was a lovely night for a business meeting under a full moon in Arlington Center!

We elected a new board, enjoyed some wine and snacks, did a li’l dancing (!), and got a lotta updates.

Below: The Moon, Wilda Ward, Iain Bason, Cyn and Gareth, Evelyn Corsini-Alcorn, Jimmy Grana, Marian Desilets, and Dick Rubenstein.

Join us next in June for “Quartet” and then the business meeting!! Ciao.

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