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And the Denis Fitzpatrick Scholarship goes to…

Jack Libresco!


Jack was the Artful Dodger in AFD’s production of “Oliver!” Also starring in the play was Dan Rabone, a longtime supporter of AFD, and a talented singer, actor, writer. We were all so saddened to learn of Dan’s recent passing. He was a light in our lives.

A lot of you may know Jack from his work at AFD, including his role as the Artful Dodger in “Oliver!” He was nominated for a DASH Award for best youth in a musical.

The scholarship committee–Evelyn Corsini Alcorn, Cynthia Marsden, Wilda Ward, and Joe Stallone–was delighted when Jack applied for the scholarship. Evelyn says “He’s a very talented young man, and we expect great things of him!”

Jack graduated from Arlington High School and is attending Macalester College in St Paul, MN in the fall, with a major in Classics and Economics and a minor in music and theater.

The scholarship is named for Denis Fitzpatrick, who was passionate about all aspects of the theater, and in addition to contributing his acting and directing talents, could often be found at AFD in paint-splattered clothes, fixing scenery, dutchmaning flats, and lending his eye for design in arranging sets.

AFD raises money for the scholarship every year from a variety of sources, including donations from Friends, money from the soda machine (!), and, this year, a collection at productions of “Avenue Q.” We’re grateful to everyone who supports the arts, especially the new generation of talent!

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