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Arlington Town Day! What’s not to love?

So much fun. Fried dough, bouncy castles, free tote bags… and new Friends. Thanks for dropping by our booth, and thanks to the intrepids who made it happen — especially Susan Harrington and Evelyn Corsini Alcorn.

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A Chorus Line Cast!

Thanks to all the talented actors/singers/dancers who expressed interest in our fall production of “A Chorus Line.”

As always, we’re impressed by the depth of the talent pool in our community.

Herewith, the folks who got it. Congrats and Good luck!

Name Role
Jake Egan Zach
Danielle Godjikian Lauren (Larry)
Vanessa Calantropo Cassie
Anne Olmstead Sheila
Thom Hardy Mike
Jessica Dearbeck Val
David Gerrie Don
Caroline Keeler Diana
Brian Liebson Paul
Krista Forti Judy
Joey Tyler Mark
Tia Girardi Kristine
Robb Russ Greg
Andrea Lyons Maggie
Doug Hartley Bobby
Erica Lundin Bebe
Michael Lacey Al
Karina Wen Connie
Elizabeth Hassett Vicki
Sarah Albano Tricia
Aubrie-Mei Rubel Lois
Kyle Irvine Frank
Taiga Kunii Roy or Butch

ho got it. Good luck!