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What can you fit in ten minutes?

A lot! Info on this weekend’s short play festival…

The plays that make up the ArlingTEN Short Works Festival are:

A Pregnant Pause, by G.L. Horton: Gloria Clark’s small mom-and-pop business is part of a national chain. Gloria must decide whether to follow her heart or the unethical road to big profits.

Please Pass the Salt (or Dinner Time is Family Time), by Debbie Wiess: Does technology hinder or facilitate real communication within a family?

Next!!, by Jerry Bisantz: Nobody likes waiting. In this play we watch Claire’s and Wayne’s interactions, actions and reactions to each other and the room full of number-holding hopefuls…all under the rule of ever changing “new policies” …and all waiting being called.

Stuck, by Christopher Lockheardt: Hilarity ensues when a man and a woman get stuck in the same tiny quadrant of a revolving door.

Beatrix Potter Must Die!, by Patrick Gabridge: An American farmer beset with an overpopulation of rabbits travels back in time intending to kill Beatrix Potter in order to prevent her writing the story that leads to the protection of his crop-eating enemies.

The Evaluation, by Peter M. Floyd: Newly deceased Roger’s life is being judged. Will he spend eternity in bliss or somewhere “where things aren’t quite so blissful.”

Father to Son, by K. M. Sorenson: On his 50th birthday, a son arrives in a bar seeking a connection to, and forgiveness from, his long-deceased father who frequented the joint. An old-timer claims he knew his father and proceeds with stories about the deceased man. Is he telling the truth or lying to the eager son?

Join us! Only ten bucks at the door, this Friday and Saturday at 8pm (same program both nights). See you then!

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