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Oz is heating up!

Theater Scholarship News – Apply by May

bg-2000368495-i-1.jpg_20100713Denis M. Fitzpatrick Scholarship, 2016

Named in memory of an educator who was a long time member of Arlington Friends of the Drama, the scholarship is awarded to a student who has demonstrated strong interest in theater.

The Denis M. Fitzpatrick Scholarship is open to any graduating high school senior going on to higher education, who:

  • Has worked, either as cast or crew, in school or community theater
  • Plans to pursue higher education in theater arts or participate in school or community theater while pursuing higher education
  • Priority is given to students who have been active at Arlington Friends of the Drama.

In addition to the scholarship we will select a small number of continuing high school students to receive a free theater membership, based on their interest in volunteering at Arlington Friends of the Drama during the next theater season beginning in July 2016.

PDF Scholarship Application       |     Word DOC Scholarship Application

Applications will be accepted until May 25, 2016, and the scholarship will be awarded at our season’s final business meeting on June 19, 2016.

The Dennis Fitzpatrick Scholarship Committee wants AFD members to encourage students to apply for the college scholarship or free membership.

Note that seniors from all area high schools can apply for the scholarship, and students entering any year of high school can apply for the membership.

Fie upon winter! Things are heating up at AFD

The wind chill may be -40, but theater geeks don’t care! (Well, we do, but we don’t really spend much time outdoors… as long as the heat works, we’re good.)

We’re getting ready for springtime! Join us. Really. Come on down to help out any old time.

Meeting, Sunday, February 21, 7:30pm 
AFD Theatre
Sweets for the sweets: Business meeting will be a dessert potluck. We’ll be voting for our favorites and there will be PRIZES. Woohoo.

Auditions for “Vanya and Sonya and Masha and Spike” March 10 and 12.
Directed by John Fogle.

Hilarious comedy from Christopher Durang with juicy roles. Full info here. 

Meeting, Sunday, March 20, 7:00pm
AFD Theatre
We’ll be electing the Board for next season. AND, there will be entertainment: The kids from Arlington High will do a number from their production of “Hello Dolly!”

“Boy from Oz” in April
It will have loads of singing, dancing, and FUN!
Music and Lyrics by Peter Allen
Book by Nick Enright
April 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 2016

Hoo boy, great pipes!

What fun to drop into a rehearsal for “Boy from Oz” this week.

Thom Hardy will be a great Peter Allen. Caroline Keeler will be a wonderful Liza Minelli.

And, of course, Jim Grana is doing a fabulous job directing them both.

It sounds wonderful. AND the set is shaping up beautifully. Don’t miss it!

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The land of “Oz” is taking shape at AFD!

When “Boy from Oz” opens on April 1st, what you’ll see will be the end result of MONTHS of work, sweat, and tears. A great crew is working day and night to provide you with some fabulous entertainment! Getchyer tickets soon…

Thanks to everyone who shows up to help!!

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Auditions for “Vanya and Sonya and Masha and Spike” in March

Audition Form Vanya_Word DOC    |   Audition Form Vanya PDF

Auditions will be held at Arlington Friends of the Drama, 22 Academy Street, Arlington, MA, on Thursday, March 10 beginning at 7PM and Saturday, March 12 beginning at 1PM.

Please print out a copy of the online Audition Form (at the top of this post), and bring it with you along with your resume and headshot or snapshot.

Arlington Friends of the Drama announces auditions for this hilarious comedy of ill manners. The setting is in the present in a lovely farmhouse in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Vanya and his sister Sonia are living a quiet life in the house where they grew up, while their sister Masha travels the world as a movie star. Masha returns for an unannounced visit with her boy toy Spike in tow.

Mixing Chekhov sensibilities with modern cringe-worthy flair, it’s a delightfully off-kilter romp that critics have hailed as a “zany joy”. In 2013 it won the Tony award for “Best Play”.

Actors will be asked to prepare and present a 2-minute comic monologue. Cold readings from the script will also be conducted. It is strongly suggested that you are familiar with the script. There will be a copy available to read at the Reference Desk of the Robbins Library in Arlington Center.

Rehearsals will be Sunday afternoons, Monday and Thursday evenings, starting April 4, 2016.


VANYA: A man in his 50’s who is resigned to his life, at least in comparison with his adopted sister, Sonia.

SONIA: A woman in her 50’s living with her brother Vanya, discontent, upset, and regretful.

MASHA: Vanya and Sonia’s sister, in her 50’s, a glamorous and successful actress who gallivants around the world.

SPIKE: An aspiring actor, 20s, who is Masha’s new companion. He is athletic, sexy, self-absorbed, but otherwise outgoing and friendly.

NINA: A lovely and sincere would-be actress in her early 20’s, visiting her aunt and uncle next door. Star struck, earnest and energetic.

CASSANDRA: Vanya and Sonia’s wacky housekeeper – a soothsayer who often makes ominous predictions. Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race: African American, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, Middle Eastern


Auditions will be held at Arlington Friends of the Drama, 22 Academy Street, Arlington, MA, on Thursday, March 10 beginning at 7PM and Saturday, March 12 beginning at 1PM.

Please print out a copy of the online Audition Form (at the top of this post), and bring it with you along with your resume and headshot or snapshot.

To schedule your audition or make further inquiries please contact the Production Manager Evelyn Corsini Alcorn, (617)484-3308.

VanyaSoniaMashaSpike-postcard (1)

Hey, wanna help us put on a show??

I’m Charlie Carr, the set designer for our upcoming show, “The Boy From Oz,” a musical biography of the late star Peter Allen.  We do four mainstage productions a year (this is the third for this year, to be followed by the comedy “Vanya and Sonya and Masha and Spike” in June).  If you’d like to come down during one of our crew times, you’d be very welcome.
Our normal times are Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, 7:00-9:00, and Saturday mornings, 9:00 to noon.  We will not be there tomorrow evening but will be working on Saturday.  We’re very casual, so don’t feel you have to be there at the very start, or that you have to stay all the way through.  I don’t know if you know our location:  22 Academy Street in Arlington Center.  Let me know if you need directions, or you can check out our website:  We’re also on Facebook.
We’ve done most of the building for this show but we have some wall units to set in place, and some curtains to rig, followed by painting if you’re into that.
Something to think about: this show (which performs the first three weekends in April) will need two or three stage crew members for each performance.  These crew members will not appear to the audience; it will be just backstage work, including some furniture moving and occasional curtain pulls.  If you are, or might be, interested in participating in this exciting show, or know someone else who might, please contact production manager Ginger Webb at 
Hope to see you Saturday, or whenever you can come by!
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