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Remembering Dan Rabone


From the site about Dan and his legacy:

Daniel’s vibrancy, creativity and humanity is sorely missed and has left a void to those privileged to meet him.  Ever-present was his honesty, clever wit and charismatic charm.

Daniel played an active role in many communities with an overarching theme of being a mentor. It gave Daniel great purpose to be able to inspire a person to ask (and answer) challenging questions or create goals for themselves.  His extreme talent in guiding others exceled here, and he inspired many in all facets/stages of life.  Daniel was able to accomplish this because he always challenged himself under the same conditions.

The Daniel J. Rabone Memorial Fund has been established to continue the legacy Daniel left to the Boston area theatre community. His love of musical theatre and performing was infectious to any and all that had the opportunity to work with him.

The Daniel J. Rabone Memorial Fund will provide one or more scholarships to students enrolled in the Boston University Summer Theatre Institute (BUSTI); specifically to students who live in and around the Greater Boston area.

At the current time we are in the fundraising stage in order to solidify an endowment in Daniel’s name, which will continue in perpetuity.

If you would like to donate, please go to The Campaign for Boston University and under the section ‘Click Here to choose a fund’, choose ‘Other Fund’ and write: “Daniel J. Rabone Memorial Fund” in the space provided.


At an AFD gathering, Dan performed some songs from a play he was writing.

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