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I was explaining why the play is called “Boy from Oz” to my (intelligent, beautiful, witty) daughter.. and I realized maybe you’d like to know, too.

Simplest: Oz is slang for Australia. That’s where Peter Allen was born and raised, in Tenterfield, Australia. There’s a fair bit of Aussie/Ozzie in the play.



Diego, Jocelyn, John as young Peter, his mom, and his dad. That’s Tenterfield in the background. His early life colored much of what came later (well, doesn’t it always?), and he wrote very affectionate songs about Australia.

Second, he went on to meet Judy Garland, star of “Wizard of Oz,” and travel over the rainbow to her world… and to marry her daughter, Liza Minnelli.


Caroline! without a Z plays Liza Minnelli, and nails it.

There you have it. Now. The play runs the next two weekends at AFD, and there’s a lot of buzz, and it’s starting to sell out. If you want to catch it while you can, get your tickets now!!


Thom Hardy as Peter Allen


Thom Hardy as Peter Allen, Janet Ferreri as Judy Garland


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