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AFD Board news

AFD truly is a community endeavor, powered by volunteers all over the place: from box office to stage to the green room, and beyond.

The Board works wicked hard to make it all run smoothly. Terms last three years, elections happen every year… here’s the next batch! Thanks to everyone who’s willing to pitch in and help.

AFD Board of Directors, 2016-2017

President                           David Warnock (inc)

Vice President                  Clare Livak

Recording Secretary       Lis Adams

Treasurer                           Joe Stallone (inc)

Development Director  Wilda Ward (inc)

Program Director            Jim Grana (inc, see note below)

House Director                Mark Bastoni (inc)

Publicity Director            Nancy Rogier

Technical Director          Iain Bason (inc)

Box Office                          Cynthia Mardsen

Membership                     Mary Fitzpatrick (inc)

Nominating committee: Gareth Williams, Charlie Carr, Donna Allen

About the Program Director position

The nominating committee is responsible for locating people who are good candidates and willing to serve. Occasionally, a position goes unfilled. That happened this year with the Program Director position.

Jim Grana had held the position for three years and was due to retire; however, there was no one ready and willing to step into the role. It is a role that requires a depth and breadth of knowledge about AFD, and about the process of reviewing, selecting, and negotiating for plays.

Upon reflection, and consultation with the current board, the nominating committee recommended that Jim serve one more term, with the understanding that he would be training and preparing someone on the Play Reading Committee (PRC) to step into the role next season.

The AFD Parliamentarian, Jud Pierce, reviewed the bylaws and agreed this was legal:

  • “I have reviewed the bylaws and do not see anything which prohibits the BoD from appointing, with advice and consent of the nominating committee, the current director who has completed his or her elected 3-year term in office to fill the vacancy by serving an additional period of time in the same function until a successor is elected.”

After the election meeting, there were suggestions for other candidates; all were contacted and declined to serve.

So the board has appointed Jim for the next season; and he is grooming people to step into the role.

The people who would be best suited to serve will be on the Play Reading Committee for this season. The Committee has five people, selected to represent different aspects of the community: actors, directors, technicians, and so on. The Program Director, in consultation with the board, selects these people.

If you’re interested in serving on the PRC, please get in touch. Email Jim at Do be aware that it requires a great deal of time and commitment, and meets several times throughout the summer.

If you’re interested in any other job with AFD, also please get in touch! We’d love to fold you into our productions and our community.



Gareth Williams, Lord of the box office

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