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Woohoo! It’s a cast for “Spelling Bee”!

As always, big thanks to everyone who came out to audition. So much talent in our community!

Congrats to the cast.

From the director, Justin McCoubry:

I’m very excited to announce that the cast for AFD’s 2016 production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee has been finalized!

William Barfee – Paul Alperin
Leaf Coneybear – Steven Atwater
Olive Ostrovsky – Emma Boroson
Douglas Panch – Darius Eslami
Chip Tolentino  – Robert McCall
Rona Lisa Perretti – Katie Pickett
Mitchy Mahoney – Eric Rehm
Marcy Park – Aubrie-Mei Rubel
Logainne Schwartzandgrubenniere – Abby Seidel
I’m very excited about this INCREDIBLY talented group.  Now, the work begins!


Thanks for a great season, great show!

Thanks to understudies, everywhere — esp. Linda Burtt!

Hey folks,

It’s a rare day when a cast member can’t go on in the theater, especially at AFD. We were devastated when our Masha couldn’t make it to the last weekend of performances of “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike” in June. You can see from the title how integral she is to the whole production!

What to do?? Fortunately, our community features a wealth of actors and volunteers who can pitch in at a moment’s notice.

Linda Burtt stepped up for an intensive series of rehearsals, and the whole cast rallied to support her, and — it was fantastic.

This, in a production that had already weathered a change in directors. We’re ever so grateful to Mary Fitzpatrick for stepping into John Fogle’s shoes when he had to step down.


Thanks. This came at the end of our wonderful season, by the way — and we’re just pleased as punch with the whole lot of you. Join us tonight to celebrate all the damn fun we’re having.

Many hugs.

Chorus line line

A Chorus Line 2015

Clybourne.TheBook (28)

Clybourne Park 2016

VSMS Prod Photos (43)

Vanya and Sonia 2016


Boy from Oz: Thom Hardy as Peter Allen, Janet Ferreri as Judy Garland

Not your average bunch of Friends: Thanks for eating at Joe’s!

Thanks, Friends! We just got a nice little check in the mail as the result of people eating at Not Your Average Joe’s in April.

As much as the money, we appreciate knowing our little community is out there pulling for live, community theater.

Be sure to join us at the meeting on Sunday, we’ll have a grand old time celebrating our fabulous season, with some nifty entertainment.



Jenny thanks fans (l); Mary Fitzpatrick greets well-wishers

Meeting this Sunday! LOTS of fun

Dear Friends,

We hope you’ll join us this Sunday, June 19, at 7:30pm for a great wrap up of our fantastic season. At the theater.

On the agenda:

  • “The Women of AFD” — a revue of some of the amazingly talented women who’ve performed on our stage over the years. We heard a bit of it the other night, while we were meeting downstairs, and it’s going to be FANTASTIC.
  • Glimpse into our next season — Meet the directors and producers and see what they have in store for you.
  • Announcements! — Honorary Members. Myl Trempf Award. And the AFD Scholarship Winner!
  • Finally, a bit of business to wrap it up.

Join us! A great way to find out more, plug in, see old and new Friends — and more!

women of afd

BoyFromOz (46)

We had a lot of sequins and fun this season! Here’s Thom Hardy in “The Boy from Oz.”


Fun talk back after Vanya on Sunday

Such infectious energy and chemistry on the stage for the talk back after Sunday’s matinee performance of “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike.” Sadly, just three more performances next weekend, so get your tickets now! It’s fast and furious and full of theater humor!

See you there!