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Thanks to understudies, everywhere — esp. Linda Burtt!

Hey folks,

It’s a rare day when a cast member can’t go on in the theater, especially at AFD. We were devastated when our Masha couldn’t make it to the last weekend of performances of “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike” in June. You can see from the title how integral she is to the whole production!

What to do?? Fortunately, our community features a wealth of actors and volunteers who can pitch in at a moment’s notice.

Linda Burtt stepped up for an intensive series of rehearsals, and the whole cast rallied to support her, and — it was fantastic.

This, in a production that had already weathered a change in directors. We’re ever so grateful to Mary Fitzpatrick for stepping into John Fogle’s shoes when he had to step down.


Thanks. This came at the end of our wonderful season, by the way — and we’re just pleased as punch with the whole lot of you. Join us tonight to celebrate all the damn fun we’re having.

Many hugs.

Chorus line line

A Chorus Line 2015

Clybourne.TheBook (28)

Clybourne Park 2016

VSMS Prod Photos (43)

Vanya and Sonia 2016


Boy from Oz: Thom Hardy as Peter Allen, Janet Ferreri as Judy Garland

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