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The buzz on our “Bee” is growing!

Now with Arlington Luminaries for added glow!

First, this is one super production: cast is gifted with great voices and acting chops; director is polishing it to a high shine; and the stage is full of fun stuff, including ACTUAL things from the newly demolished Stratton School in Arlington.

Next, we’re delighted to welcome celebrity guest spellers into our home for the six performances. They’ll put their spelling skills, and their wit, to the test! Each celebrity guest speller will take words from the judges and compete with the roster of interesting and complicated contestants.

Here’s our list as of today:

  • Arlington Selectwoman Diane Mahon
  • Reverend Marta Flanagan, First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Arlington
  • Author David Whitford
  • Linda Shoemaker, Director, Arlington Center for the Arts
  • Andrea Nicolay, Director, Robbins Library
  • Principal Michael Hanna, Stratton School
  • Leland Stein, Regent Theatre
  • Arlington Selectman Joe Curro

Join the fun! Get your tix today!

And now, your photos.


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