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Join us for the first Friends meeting of the season!

AFD 2016-2017 Opening Meeting
Sunday, October 2, 7 PM
AFD members, make a date to attend the AFD Theatre Opening Meeting, October 2, 7 PM, at the theatre.
Get all the details about the season! The entertainment portion of the evening will be an inside look at how AFD members and videographers Gareth Williams and Cynthia Marsden Williams create videos for AFD.
Learn how you can JOIN THE FUN!

The cliche is true: Audiences are raving about our “Bee”!

We really want you to see our “Bee” — it’s a wonderful and warm play, and we’re pretty thrilled with our cast and production. Only three more performances, so make sure to catch it. Audiences are laughing, cheering, and leaving with giant smiles.

Get your tickets while you can!

David Whitford, a guest celebrity speller and good sport, says, “Terrific cast and performance!”

Judy Weinberg reports that a a writer friend at Sunday’s performance had this to say:

The show was wonderful. Just wonderful. Can’t say enough about it. I don’t mean just the music, or the acting, or the script, or the sets, I mean the Whole Show. Good grief.

Plus and also and besides, I’ve never seen that kind of unpredictable show — the back-and-forth of it, the constant twists of credibility and irony, within songs, within scenes, within characters. It kept us riveted. I loved the kaleidoscopic humor, ranging from groaner puns to political digs to sheer silliness…. You gave us over-the-top flair, a la Oscar Wilde, alternating with deadpan lines, a la Monty Python, but on wholly American terms.

Anyway, THREE CHEERS for you, and for all your work on this production. So glad to know it’s got another weekend to run, so I can recommend it to folks.

Gosh, we love Town Day!

Cheeeeers to opaning nite!

It was a fabulous evening of fun and spelling last Friday, as we opened our run of “Spelling Bee” with the guest spelling talents of Arlington Selectman Diane Mahon.

The cake was supplied by Cyn Marsden Williams, stepping in to do baking duties after Lorraine Stevens stepped down after many years. It’s a wonderful green room tradition of fantastical cakes for every opening night!!

What a joyful journey it’s been!

Since the first read through, this has been a happy and super talented cast and crew. We love our Bee very much! and hope you’ll join us starting this FRIDAY! Yay. Delicious!











Paul Alperin, Emma Boroson, Eric Rehm, Abby Seidel, Steve Atwater, Aubrie-Mei Rubel, Bobby McCall, Katie Pickett, Darius Eslami. All photos by Mary Babic.


“The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” opens September 9. Are you ready?


The cast is ready. The crew is ready. The costumes and props are in place. The musicians are in tune. We’re waiting for opening night Friday, September 9 for “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.” And you’ve got to be there.

Here’s why you need to get your tickets now. The show runs three weekends from September 9 through September 25.

For starters, this is one funny, uplifting show. A celebration of the high-stakes world of school spelling bees, this hit musical comedy centers on six overachieving wordsmiths bent on winning a hard-fought contest and sharing their pubescent awkwardness and angst along the way.

Hilarious songs capture early teenage troubles at their worst, from “Woe Is Me” to “My Unfortunate Erection (Chip’s Lament).” The original off-Broadway production won three Drama Desk Awards for Outstanding Ensemble Performance, Outstanding Director of a Musical, and Outstanding Book of a Musical. The original Broadway production was nominated for six Tonys and took home two.

Need to know more? The AFD cast is irrepressibly wonderful. The energy on the stage is palpable. The talent runs into the aisle. The high energy will transmit to you and make you want to be a part of the show.

And in this show, you could be onstage. Part of the fun is that audience members are invited to compete in the onstage spelling bee.

You’ll get to see a celebrity speller at every performance. Opening night on September 9, Arlington Selectwoman Diane Mahon will take the stage.

One more hint: Get your tickets soon because we expect seats to go fast. Word’s gotten out about the celeb spellers and the set, which the tech crew built with salvaged pieces from the under-demolition Stratton School in Arlington.

You’re going to have a ton of fun at “Spelling Bee.” In the meantime, enjoy some photos and help us spread the word. Visit AFD on Facebook for daily updates.

See you at the show!