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The cliche is true: Audiences are raving about our “Bee”!

We really want you to see our “Bee” — it’s a wonderful and warm play, and we’re pretty thrilled with our cast and production. Only three more performances, so make sure to catch it. Audiences are laughing, cheering, and leaving with giant smiles.

Get your tickets while you can!

David Whitford, a guest celebrity speller and good sport, says, “Terrific cast and performance!”

Judy Weinberg reports that a a writer friend at Sunday’s performance had this to say:

The show was wonderful. Just wonderful. Can’t say enough about it. I don’t mean just the music, or the acting, or the script, or the sets, I mean the Whole Show. Good grief.

Plus and also and besides, I’ve never seen that kind of unpredictable show — the back-and-forth of it, the constant twists of credibility and irony, within songs, within scenes, within characters. It kept us riveted. I loved the kaleidoscopic humor, ranging from groaner puns to political digs to sheer silliness…. You gave us over-the-top flair, a la Oscar Wilde, alternating with deadpan lines, a la Monty Python, but on wholly American terms.

Anyway, THREE CHEERS for you, and for all your work on this production. So glad to know it’s got another weekend to run, so I can recommend it to folks.


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