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Drumroll! Greeting our cast of “Sunset Boulevard”

The director, Kevin Mark Kline, is thrilled to announce the cast of “Sunset Boulevard,” which opens March 3, 2017. Auditions were wonderful — many thanks to all the talented performers who showed up. We love our community so much!
Musical Director Steven Bergman
Norma Desmond: Janet Ferreri
Joe Gillis: Trey Lundquist
Max Von Mayerling: Jim Ansart
Betty Schaefer: Heather Hannon Rufo
Artie Green: Patrick Harris
Cecil B. DeMille: Charlie Carr
Sheldrake/Ensemble: Ira Kantor
Manfred/Ensemble: Paul Dingman
Morino/Ensemble: Nick Stevens
Wunderkind/Ensemble: Robert McCall
Mary, Secretary, Heather, Beautician 1: Lisa Tierney
Harem Girl 3, Lisa, Analyst, Journalist: Krystal Scott
Harem Girl 1, Katherine, Sandy (Circus), Jean (This Time Next Year), Masseur (1 &2): Dilara Eynula
Samantha (Sammy), Anita, Danielle (Circus), Larissa (This Time Next Year), Doctor: Emily Jane Morris
Joanna, Jane (Circus), Astrologer: Nabila Hossain
Harem Girl 2, Dawn, Waitress, Beautician 2: Alexis Kirkpatrick
Photographer, Cliff, Salesman, Guard: Robert McCall
Reporter, Finance Man 1, Undertaker, Barman, Salesman, Sammy (This Time Next Year): Adam Kaplowitz
Reporter, Adam, Glenn (Circus), Salesman, Actor #4 (This Time Next Year), Jones: Nick Stevens
Policeman, Myron, John, Hog Eye: Paul Dingman
Photographer, Salesman: Ira Kantor

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