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Yep, Iain Bason has played father AND son in this play


Next Friday, Iain Bason (longtime Friend and former president of AFD) will debut in the role of the patriarch in “An Inspector Calls,” Arthur Birling. He will fill out the tuxedo nicely, with a dash of pomp and hubris.

Almost 20 years ago, he played the role of the son, Eric Birling, in the 1997 Concord production. “I didn’t think I was old enough, but Mary reached out, and I realized it could work,” Bason says.

“It’s funny to do both sides– father and son– as I have so much sympathy for the son. But we’re trying to find that mix of conflict and connection that I found with Jack Sweet when he played the father.” He says he’s struggling to find the humanity of Arthur. “He comes across as so bombastic and self-satisfied, but you know he that loves his wife and his children, even if he’s oblivious about the rest of the world and the people who work in his factory. I’m trying to make him three dimensional.”


In 1997, Iain played the son. In 2016, he plays the dad. Alex Langham (l) plays the son. Full circle, Friends…


Teri Muller plays the mom.

Don’t miss Iain as he finds the humanity and conflict in this new role…

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